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Micha Staples Artist Bio

Micha Staples Art

Mixed Media Artist

Micha Staples was born in Boston before moving to Leicester at a young age; where she currently lives and works with her musician fiancé, James Scattergood. She has been fascinated with art and expressing herself from a young age, and as soon as she was old enough to hold a pencil she did so… and hasn’t let go since!

Micha is a Mixed Media artist, who is passionate about experimentation, narratives, textures and colour theory. Starting her career as a Portrait and Character artist, Micha chose subjects both in real life, such as her Homage to Jeffree Star – a self-confessed Icon for Micha, as well as drawing inspiration from her own imagination; creating ethereal characters where she utilises skills learnt during her time as a Make-Up Artist. Often dreaming up elaborate back stories in order to fuel her creations.

Most recently, Micha has ventured into the Abstract side of Art. “I woke up one day and had the overwhelming need to grab a canvas and just throw some colours at it. I was going through some really tough things in my personal life at the time, and I treated this as a way to vent… my usual work is so detailed and my go to paint brush is more often than not a super thin liner brush. I felt the need to de-shackle from my self-imposed constraints and start expressing myself in a far more fluid and immediate way!”

It has been a year of change for Micha; coming away from her career as a Recruitment Specialist and starting her journey into the Art community has been a ‘whirlwind’. After a needed break, Micha started to volunteer with a Non-Profit organisation ‘Leicester Art Zone’ after entering their Annual Competition. Going onto work as an Art Teacher for them, Micha led such classes as how to properly use Artist Resin and ‘Paint Pouring’. “I wanted my lessons to be fun and easy going. Nothing too structured or stressful, but you still walk away, hopefully(!) having learnt something new!”

Since then Micha has continued her experimentation with mediums and techniques, as well as starting a position with a prominent Art Gallery in Leicester. She has a lot of projects planned for the next year, promising to delve deeper into her passion of Pop Culture and ‘binging out’ on her more rebellious side…


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