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“Micha is a Mixed Media Artist, Blogger and Mental Health Advocate, she is passionate about experimentation, inclusivity, narratives, texture and colour theory. Starting her career as a Portrait and Character artist, Micha chose subjects both in real life, such as her Homage to Jeffree Star – a self-confessed Icon for Micha, as well as drawing inspiration from her own imagination; creating ethereal characters where she utilises skills learnt during her time as a Make-Up Artist. Often dreaming up elaborate back stories in order to fuel her creations.”

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  • An Uncomfortable Start.

    25th Oct 2019 by

    People have an annoying habit of remembering things they shouldn’t.      Christopher Paolini The Uninvited Ex Chapter One An Uncomfortable Start As I look out of my wooden sash window on this cold October morning, I notice a mist start to roll its way through my street; shrouding the terrace houses in an ethereal glow and… Read more

  • Thank you.

    18th Oct 2019 by

    Blog Three Friday 18th October (13 days till Samhain – Halloween) “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” Oscar Wilde I was sitting at my desk… surprise, surprise and I checked my emails. I find, to my utter astonishment, that I had…rather miraculously… gained followers, views and likes since my… Read more

  • Ignorance Was Bliss.

    2nd Dec 2019 by

    If ignorance is bliss, why aren’t there more happy people in the world? Stephen Fry The Uninvited ExChapter Five Ignorance Was Bliss I finished my dramatic retelling of the past week ending in the nightmare I had experienced the previous night. My mum sat there for a moment or two, I could see the cogs… Read more

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Love The Sea
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This is the most expensive, most time consuming and most rewarding pieces I have ever made. There are very special reasons why I decided to paint @jeffreestar, most of my followers already know. But, just in case you don't.. here's the #tea: I have suffered with poor mental health for my entire life, there are only a select few people who know the true reason behind this due to the nature of my past… I can never truly let my guard down and tell my real story to more than the few who already know… 3 years ago my life fell apart, and I have been trying to piece everything back together ever since. It felt like a completely impossible task at the time and I truly felt as though I could never be whole again. I am crying as I type this because my journey isn't over yet, the pain I feel everyday will never truly go away. It's about living with the scars and not allowing them to define you. This is where @jeffreestar comes in. I had always known of him due my qualification in Makeup, but I didn't really get to know him until @shanedawson created the amazing documentary on @youtube. Watching the pain and suffering he had been through in his life and understanding how it must have affected him really resonated with me. Despite the hardships he was able to fight for what he wanted in life. This fight had long since been extinguished within me, and I thought I would never get it back. Until I realised one thing… if @jeffreestar can overcome his past and follow his dreams… why can't i? I spent years allowing others to walk over me, never fighting for my voice or what would be best for me. I was last on my list of priorities and pretty much everyone and everything else came before me. Where had this way of thinking got me? Into 24 weeks of therapy and total isolation from everyone in my life… friends and family included. That's where it had got me. #jeffreestar helped to spark my self care and I can't be more thankful. Hence the painting, a tribute to the struggle of life, but the importance of staying true to yourself 💗. #art #repost #mentalhealthrecovery #strongwomen #bosslady #dreams #fun #tbt #instagood #blog #fashionblogger #fashion #lotd

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